Friday, March 6, 2015


I have a friend. (Seriously, it's about a friend.) She decided her wrinkles had to go when her husband asked her if she had had a bad night's sleep stating that she looked pretty ragged around the eyes. Nice. She had recently seen a Groupon, 2 for 1 package, that offered Botox, among other rejuvenating treatments, at a nearby pop up laser center that was hungry for business. She bought it immediately. Luckily they could take her that very day (shocker) and when she arrived they promised instant miracles with the extensive use of Botox. They injected between her brows, above her brows, to the edge of her brows, under her eyes. You get the point. She thought she was getting her money's worth... instead she was getting absolutely embalmed. Within 2 days she had no expression and the area beneath her eyes had actually sunken in. Granted, she had no wrinkles but she also couldn't fully smile as her cheeks wouldn't raise up. This is the scary reality of going to untrained estheticians trying to do the work of highly trained doctors. She barely wanted to leave the house and swore she would never do anything like it again. Until she met Dr. Jagruti Patel of KayaKalp Aesthetics. A highly trained physician with a holistic approach to the face, she fully understands when you tweak one part of the face it will affect another. With a light hand, Dr. Patel was able to do what cosmetic treatments are supposed to do but regularly fail at... make her patients look years younger with no trace of how. My friend was ecstatic and clearly learned the valuable lesson of "you get what you pay for". Groupons are great for a massage or for trying out a new place for lunch but please don't trust your face to anyone without a medical degree. They have those letters after their name for a reason.