Thursday, February 4, 2016


It's happened. Your Crewcuts loving, pink tutu obsessed, sparkle ruby-shoe wearing little girl has ditched the rainbow and is now on a strict diet of grey. She's also getting into your makeup drawer and carrying a brush to school. She's smarter than you and cooler than you but sometimes she asks your opinion on what to wear, and when that day happens, this new instagram account, APPROVEDFORYOU is your go-to site for what is current but also appropriate. She's going to try to push the limits but don't let her. She'll be grown up soon enough so teach her how to pace herself. And while I'm not a big fan of too many fashion rules, there are some I'm pretty adamant about.
They include:
No high heels (it's not good for her back or her fashion statement)
Minimal makeup (hire a makeup artist or a friend to show her how to apply if you don't know how)
Easy on the hair products/styling. Natural is best.
No butt cheeks showing or cleavage (if they have any)
Help them find their own style, don't dictate your own
If they don't want to wear a coat, don't argue with them (they won't die from one cold recess and they might even learn to wear a coat on their own)
Let them make mistakes. You did and still do. (hello, frosted lipstick?)
Monitor what bloggers they follow. If they're looking at Kim Kardashian you might have a problem. Have them follow APPROVEDFORYOU instead.