Thursday, February 4, 2016


It's happened. Your Crewcuts loving, pink tutu obsessed, sparkle ruby-shoe wearing little girl has ditched the rainbow and is now on a strict diet of grey. She's also getting into your makeup drawer and carrying a brush to school. She's smarter than you and cooler than you but sometimes she asks your opinion on what to wear, and when that day happens, this new instagram account, APPROVEDFORYOU is your go-to site for what is current but also appropriate. She's going to try to push the limits but don't let her. She'll be grown up soon enough so teach her how to pace herself. And while I'm not a big fan of too many fashion rules, there are some I'm pretty adamant about.
They include:
No high heels (it's not good for her back or her fashion statement)
Minimal makeup (hire a makeup artist or a friend to show her how to apply if you don't know how)
Easy on the hair products/styling. Natural is best.
No butt cheeks showing or cleavage (if they have any)
Help them find their own style, don't dictate your own
If they don't want to wear a coat, don't argue with them (they won't die from one cold recess and they might even learn to wear a coat on their own)
Let them make mistakes. You did and still do. (hello, frosted lipstick?)
Monitor what bloggers they follow. If they're looking at Kim Kardashian you might have a problem. Have them follow APPROVEDFORYOU instead.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Sure celebrities tend to have pretty nice teeth/smiles, but some are more special than others. Check out my latest post, top 10 Celebrities With Great Smiles on Luster Premium White's Blog!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Overdone is over. Check out my latest post on the Luster Premium White blog to find out how to get the undone look that is hitting the runways and magazine pages alike. 11 PRODUCTS FOR THE NATURAL LOOK

*Next posts I will be writing for Luster....What Men Want and 10 Celebrities with Beautiful Teeth

Friday, April 3, 2015


Funny how this blogging thing works. My last post was about a friend's negative and then very positive experience with Botox and a highly regarded plastic surgeon on the North Shore of Massachusetts. This doctor, Dr. Patel, became aware of the post and from that asked if we could meet. Long story short, we did, I was blown away by her experience and expertise and she thought my post was pretty good too. From now on I will happily be blogging for her website keeping us all up to date on the latest in minimally invasive procedures like Botox and fillers, plastic surgery, as well as skincare. Here is the first post... Enjoy!
The Boobie Trap

Friday, March 6, 2015


I have a friend. (Seriously, it's about a friend.) She decided her wrinkles had to go when her husband asked her if she had had a bad night's sleep stating that she looked pretty ragged around the eyes. Nice. She had recently seen a Groupon, 2 for 1 package, that offered Botox, among other rejuvenating treatments, at a nearby pop up laser center that was hungry for business. She bought it immediately. Luckily they could take her that very day (shocker) and when she arrived they promised instant miracles with the extensive use of Botox. They injected between her brows, above her brows, to the edge of her brows, under her eyes. You get the point. She thought she was getting her money's worth... instead she was getting absolutely embalmed. Within 2 days she had no expression and the area beneath her eyes had actually sunken in. Granted, she had no wrinkles but she also couldn't fully smile as her cheeks wouldn't raise up. This is the scary reality of going to untrained estheticians trying to do the work of highly trained doctors. She barely wanted to leave the house and swore she would never do anything like it again. Until she met Dr. Jagruti Patel of KayaKalp Aesthetics. A highly trained physician with a holistic approach to the face, she fully understands when you tweak one part of the face it will affect another. With a light hand, Dr. Patel was able to do what cosmetic treatments are supposed to do but regularly fail at... make her patients look years younger with no trace of how. My friend was ecstatic and clearly learned the valuable lesson of "you get what you pay for". Groupons are great for a massage or for trying out a new place for lunch but please don't trust your face to anyone without a medical degree. They have those letters after their name for a reason.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Jump your way to better health, killer abs and glowing skin......

I've tried them all. Running. (Made my knees hurt) Yoga. (Developed large shoulders and a straight waist) Spinning. (Huge thighs!) Swimming. (Not enough cardio) Zumba (fun but could never meet at the times the classes were held). Pilates. (Boooooooring) Hiking. (Too cold in the winter...I know, I'm a wuss.) I was starting to give up on the workout thing altogether until I found out about rebounders (basically a mini trampoline) that you can have in your own house. Not only is it fun but the health benefits went far beyond keeping the extra pounds off.

Dr. Donald Liebell, an anti-aging doctor in Virginia states, “The simplest, most gentle up and down movements stimulate your entire body unlike any other form of exercise. Rebounding burns calories beautifully. Because your entire body is working straight up against gravity, you build overall strength with one exercise. At the bottom of the bounce your body weight (G-force) is multiplied. In my opinion, rebounding is the number one anti-aging exercise-a critical piece of the puzzle...A Fountain of Youth exercise.”
According to Dr. Liebell rebounding helps with everything from improving skin tone, firming breast tissue, strengthening core muscles, increases flexibility, reduces stress and fights depression, increases bone mass as well as promoting weight loss, improving digestion and helps detoxify your body.

One of the reasons rebounding is so effecting at detoxifying the body has to do with your lymphatic system which normally drains quite slowly, about one to two fifths of a teaspoon per minute. When you rebound, this drainage increases to four teaspoons per minute! This increase in lymphatic circulation and therefore lymphatic drainage is the the key to detoxifying your entire body. I personally found this to be true after a week of rebounding. Gone were my sinus headaches, and popping noises in my ears. My digestion was noticeably improved as was the quality of my skin. Not to mention I was suddenly beginning to see abdominal muscles, something I hadn't seen since the birth of my first child no matter how many crunches I did.

Even NASA, after conducting a study of rebounding and its benefits stated, “Rebound Exercise is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man.”
The findings of the study basically state that astronauts running on a treadmill had a much higher G-force measurement at the ankle and twice that at the back and head while on a trampoline the G-force was almost identical at all points which means when running, the foot and leg absorb much of the force, which can explain the higher rates of foot, shin and knee problems while rebounding on the other hand can exercise the entire body without excess pressure to the feet and legs. It also showed that acceleration and deceleration of rebounding (the up and down motion) provides benefits on a cellular level and at a greater rate than other forms of exercise like running.

James White, Ph.D., director of research and rehabilitation in the physical education department at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD), has explained how jumping for health offers a true physical strengthening effect to the muscles.
“Rebounding allows the muscles to go through the full range of motion at equal force. It helps people learn to shift their weight properly and to be aware of body positions and balance,” says White.
An advocate of rebounding for athletic conditioning, White uses the rebounder in his rehabilitation program at UCSD. “When you jump, jog, and twist on this [jumping] device, you can exercise for hours without getting tired. It’s great practice for skiing, it improves your tennis stroke, and it’s a good way to burn off calories and lose weight,” says White.

White adds that jumping for health is more effective for fitness and weight loss than cycling, running or jogging, and it has the added advantage of producing fewer injuries.

The best part for me is, I'm not the only one to use it. My rambunctious 7 year old son burns off a little energy too on cold rainy days happily bouncing up and down. We even do it together which makes us laugh for no apparent reason other than it's just fun. Exercising really can be enjoyable. Who knew?

Monday, September 29, 2014


If you haven't been following Yahoo's Beauty site you should. And not because I'm currently writing for it but because it has some killer articles on stuff you really need to know. Insightful, charming, real and practical. Here'a a link to my article but wait till you see the others. WOO HOO... um, I mean YAHOO!!!

Friday, June 20, 2014


One of my favorite weddings that I did last year is currently in Boston Magazine's Wedding Issue. Can't think of better press than that. Thanks for the mention, Emily!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014



Lanvin Lamé skirt
I'm not sure if I want to unwrap it, wear it, or frame it and hang it on my wall. I'm also not sure if I want to pair it with flip flops and a tank top or glam it up with cage pumps, Marilyn Monroe jewels and a leopard coat. I'd even love it in the winter with tights and a cashmere sweater and black flats. Point is, this girl's got range and I'm feeling a bit like Sybil. 

Foil girl, I mean Lamé girl, I mean Sparkle Girl!

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Anyone who knows me knows I'm a big fan of hats, particularly in the summer. And I'm not talking baseball caps or sun visors here...I'm talking REAL HATS. If you were trying to locate me on the beach all you'd have to do was look for the Paddington Bear imitator and that would be me. (even the color) So it's probably not a huge surprise that me and a few entrepreneurial friends are working on a sort of millinery endeavor (it's called COVER but that's all I'm gonna say) and tomorrow we are meeting with one of NYC's outrageously cool milliners, SATYA TWENA to possibly partner up with. Remember in Jerry Maguire when Jerry said, "You make me want to be a better man?" Well, the first time I saw Satya's hats I said to self, "Satya, you make me want to wear a hat every day of my life. Even on Christmas. In the morning. When it's dark out." Forget that she's hatted (is that a word?) major celebrities, cuz' you know that does nothing for me, but what does impress is that this creative little genius started her hat business when her mom started losing her hair due to cancer. Yeah, and before you think that's the end of the story... it's not. She then spearheaded a campaign to save the hat factory where her hats were being made. Her goal was to preserve the craft of hand made hats and keep that craft here in America. Her NYC factory now not only produces her hats (we'll get to those in a minute) but it also hosts events. (I'm thinking COVER launch party, what do you think?)
And then there are the actual hats. Proportion. Fit. Style. Seasonal. Quality materials. Unique. Ugh! Why weren't we born with 10 heads?! It's too hard to choose. I literally want it to be winter again just so I can wear the Roanne velour hat with grosgrain ribbon. Yeah, I love them that much. I am one mad hatter. #satyatwena
Satya Twena

Satya Twena hat factory in NYC

Thursday, May 1, 2014


It's no secret that I'm not a huge fan of the sun....on my face. I'm all for a little Vitamin D everywhere else but my face needs a little extra protection. Since I was told the sun's damaging rays are everywhere (while driving in your car, sitting in your living room that has windows, outside even in the shade?!!!) I decided to get a bit more serious when it comes to skincare. Supergoop's CC Cream is tinted and has an SPF of 35. I know you're thinking 'so does my current foundation (or tinted moisturizer)' but mine did too and I still made the switch. With a 2 rating on EWG's website and stellar protection ratings, it's a winning combo, no make that SUPER.