Thursday, October 7, 2010


So it's happened. My daughter wants to fit in. She's only 6 and yet here it is. She used to wear tutus around her neck and pair stripes with checks, stars and paisley. She liked anything with glitter and anything pink. Anything that would STAND OUT. Not anymore. I recently picked up a pair of gold sneakers for her. Not obnoxiously gold.. just slightly metallic. She said she liked them but days went by and she still hadn't worn them. I finally had to ask why. "They'll stand out too much," was her reply. Stand out too much?? Wasn't that the point? She used to hate it when people had on the same thing as her... she used to relish in her odd pairings. I guess at some point we all want to fit in, but proceed with caution. Fitting in is overrated and incredibly fashion and in life. Be a stand out instead.

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