Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So you got asked out on a first date. Fantastic. Easy part done. Hard part ahead. What are you going to wear? The key is to not look like you tried too hard, which of course is a lie because you will obsess over this outfit about as much as you did when you picked out your prom dress. You also have to understand that what is fashionable and what men like are almost completely opposite. So that fresh new pant that's hitting the runways? Skip it. That voluminous top? No way. A first date outfit calls for simple, body conscious (not body hugging mind you) and clean, pretty, hair/makeup. So basically we're talking jeans, heels/booties, cashmere V-neck sweater or simple shirt, maybe some long chains thrown in and hoop earrings or in the summer a feminine cotton sun dress with flip flops and a jean jacket. But don't forget your most important accessory. Your smile. Even the cutest outfit can't take the place of that.

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