Wednesday, March 28, 2012


A guy friend of mine recently announced (proudly, I might add) that he had finished a 450 page book. Given that reading isn't really his thing (well, not books anyway, more like box scores, graphs and stats) my curiosity was piqued. What could keep his attention for 450 pages?!! I had to read it.
So I did. And let me just say, it should be required reading for every 13 year old girl out there who doesn't wish to become a moron. I have known some pathetic, trashy, insecure nut jobs in my time, but the women described in this book take the cake. Tucker, the author, while being a complete jerk, is just taking full advantage of it . I'm sure a lot of women blame Tucker for the serious debauchery in this book but ladies... this one's all on you.

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