Thursday, April 12, 2012


Ok, so I've been waiting to share this multi-task product with you only because I hadn't used it enough to know if it was worth it or not. It is. But here's the catch. It only comes in one color (suitable for fair and medium skin tones) and it has no SPF (something I like but a lot of you may not... but keep in mind, no SPF means better in photographs). But it pretty much does everything else except drop your kids off at school and clean up the kitchen. It moisturizes, it reduces wrinkles, it increases antioxidant levels, it primes, it reduces pore size, has blemish control, reduces redness, is long lasting and is HD!
It's for all of you who want beautiful skin but refuse to wear foundation or even tinted moisturizer but it's also for those of you who want added support for your current foundation. Wear it alone or wear it with powders, foundations or concealer, either way, it's the balm.

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