Tuesday, March 24, 2009


You got engaged and now you need the dress. You know you want pink and orange flowers for the tables, you're putting your bridesmaids in fuschia, even your groom gets to wear a colored tie. So what about you? Why do you get stuck wearing white? Can't the bride have any fun? If color is your thing, then wear it on your wedding day. Pink, blue, green,, pick your favorite color and work it. Gwen Stefani wore pink on her wedding day and was inspiring. Her pictures were splashed across every fashion mag out there touting how daring and beautiful a choice it was. Sarah Jessica Parker wore a pale pink dress to the Oscars one year and granted it wasn't a wedding and she is a movie star but isn't a wedding a great time for you to feel like a movie star? You can still look like a princess in color,, just a bit more BAZAAR one. 

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  1. If you can find it, Selma Blair had an AMAZING pale pale pale pink wedding dress that I was obsessed with - too bad she's now divorced, but the dress was incredible.
    Love your blog!