Monday, March 16, 2009


I cursed the day, and Kate Moss, the day the skinny jean arrived. I resolved to never wear a pair, and was convinced I was doing my legs and hips a huge favor by bypassing this look. 
So much for resolutions. 
When it comes to fashion there is a time to hold firm and there's a time to be open minded. When I found the Diva,, I laid down my fashion swords and never looked back. However,, I did grumble. You see,, the Diva only came in dark jean and blue jean,, but no white. I succumbed to other brands last summer but no longer. The Diva jean is now available in white!!!! Can you hear me?? WHITE!!!!!! And the best part? They are $29.50 at Old Navy. At that price,, you might want to buy 2,, just in case the butter from your lobster bake wants to steal the Diva's show.

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