Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I have been getting a lot of concealer requests lately so I am reposting this. It's still my favorite.

I was born with dark under eye circles. While other children were rosy-cheeked and bright eyed, I looked like I was up smokin' butts in my crib. I'm not kidding. And in grade school, kids would ask me how I got punched. And so, the quest for a really good concealer began. The Everything Pencil answered that prayer. And it not only conceals under eye circles, it conceals scars, brown spots, veins and more. It's sheer but it works. And since it's in a pencil form it's easy to travel with. Get it. You'll be a total knock out.

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  1. thanks so much larissa for posting this - i have such dark circles under my eyes and a scar above my lip and have been searching for the best concelear! i am gonna buy this!!!