Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Shorts are everywhere and in every fabric. Silk, tweed, cotton, jean. Worn for day and worn for night...casual or sophisticated, your choice. But now Givenchy would like to have you wearing those shorts, or rather a shorts suit, to a business meeting on Wall Street. In Vogue this month a spokesperson said, "It shows a woman has the confidence to play with her sexuality, showing the leg but at the same time saying, 'I'm still wearing the trousers.' " See, I'm pretty sure I'd get fired from being a stylist to one of my clients who ACTUALLY WORKS ON WALL STREET if I offered up a shorts suit as a logical option for work attire. Fashion houses say they get inspiration from the street...clearly not the financial one.


  1. Not a fan of shorts in general (for me) - i wish they weren't in style at all