Friday, December 17, 2010


The holidays are fast approaching which unfortunately means pressure to find the right gift. For men this is particularly hard, as they get confused easily. And why wouldn't they? Imagine someone dumping you off at Home Depot and telling you to pick out the best/gotta have it items of the year?! So he buys you a gift certificate which is impersonal. Or he buys you lingerie (in his defense he HAS been hit over the head with Victoria Secret ads all month) but that is more of a gift for him than you. Or he really goes out on a limb and picks out a dress/shirt/pants/sweater for you, all of which will most likely be returned. It's times like these men could use a stylist. So instead of writing jeggings, city boot, chain necklace and greige nail polish just give him Sparkle's address.

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