Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I like to indulge. What fun is life without it, right? But I heard a favorite song of mine today by the Fixx. While the song has nothing to do with going down a path of destruction in the way that I was thinking (I think it's more about politics but what do I know?) it made me think about if it's better to stay clear of the things we are really really tempted by, but know will have negative consequences (sales at Neimans, double size banana splits) or is it better to test ourselves and see if we can be strong in the midst of them (just go window shopping, watch bakery cooking shows). One thing usually does lead to another (who ever eats just one bite?) so maybe it's best to just avert your gaze and run away quickly. Or maybe not. I haven't made up my mind. Back to Fixx tunes for resolution.

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