Thursday, January 5, 2012


You can't tell but I slept in these all night!
Why wear actual clothes when you can just wear
pajamas all day!
I know I've lived in the suburbs too long when pajama jeans start to look like a valid fashion option. Hmm, my suburban brain thinks. I could go to bed, wake up, slip on my equally lazy Uggs and be out the door to drop off the kids and no one would know I was still in my pajamas!!!? What a fantastic idea! Except it's not. People are already wearing sweatshirts and jeans to the theater and visit any mall in America and you will see what comfort clothing has done to not only our waistlines but our sense of style, pride and overall demeanor.
Nope. When I am being a lazy sloth, you will know it.

1 comment:

  1. Could not agree more... hate the PJs and slippers all day thing. But then, sometimes I wonder if that just makes me seem old and crabby.

    As for the PJ jeans, I believe that territory has already been covered by the yoga pant, hasn't it? That's what I'm wearing right now as I get ready to drop my kids off at school ;)