Saturday, February 28, 2009


Yes, yes, finding the man of your dreams is important. And yes, the vows are important,, the food, the dress. Uh huh. And I know you're young and pretty just the way you are. It's all true. But here's the thing,, when you're at the beach with your J.Crew shorts and tank top on, lip balm and sunscreen cut it. They're appropriate, you're cute and it works. But, when you're wearing your designer white gown, surrounded by floral arrangements galore, gussied up guests, and bridesmaids who have starved themselves just as much as you have for the Big Day, you better be wearing makeup.
I am a big believer in looking like yourself on your wedding day,,, just the sparklier version. Healthy looking skin, twinkling eyes, fresh. I DO.

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