Thursday, February 26, 2009


Kids are cute. Most of them, anyway. Sometimes mine aren't but that's another post. Anyway, dressing kids should be fun and can be. I only have a few rules about dressing kids and they are as follows: 
1)Just because they are kids doesn't mean they need to be covered in footballs, cutesy bows, Sesame Street characters. 
2)Dressing them in colors that an adult would wear is OKAY, as long as it's not head to toe black. 
3)Sometimes it's fun to mix the masculine items on a girl, and mix the feminine items on a boy.
My last and final rule would be,, throw out the rules and let your kids dress themselves as soon as they have an interest in it. I know some of the combinations wouldn't be your choice,, or mine,, but that's not the point. Give them the freedom to express themselves and cultivate their own style. 

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