Monday, May 10, 2010


You're at a party/social event/soccer practice. You meet someone new and would love to exchange contact information. If you don't "work" you have no business card, or even if you do, you might want to keep your social life separate from your work life. You're scurrying around for a piece of paper that will inevitably get lost, or you punch in numbers in your Blackberry, which while perfectly functional is soooo not personal or stylish.  But guess what is? A calling card. A delightful little engraved card with your name, and one way of contacting you. No frills, just elegant, on good card stock. In a world of Facebook, Twitter and absurd blogs such as this one, it's nice to bring an old tradition back.


  1. I JUST said to Wendy the other night that I needed a calling card--too funny!

  2. oh you should!!! it is right up your alley. classic. fun. pretty. DO IT!