Monday, May 3, 2010


Over the past several years I've gotten a really bad reputation as someone who never answers her phone and then never calls back even if I'm left a message. I'm not being rude, I'm trying to be polite. 
I blame it on a friend who was a mom, and I, at the time, was not. Kids weren't even on my radar so having an interrupted conversation with an adult was the norm. But every time I got on the phone with this friend she would interrupt our conversation to either talk to her kids, yell at her kids, help her kids, applaud her kids, wipe her kids, bathe her kids.... you get the idea. I would insist she just call me back another time but she would insist we keep talking (not that we ever actually got to). I tried to be supportive but I wasn't. I had no interest in hearing her kids sing their ABC's in the background and no, I didn't think it was cute when they quoted The Lion King. I just wanted off the phone. And I assume my friends feel the same way.  I never want to subject anyone, especially my friends, to me yelling obscenities or even worse, applauding a 3 year old who wants accolades for sticking out his tongue. And since I'm rarely without kids, it leaves little time for the phone. So if I don't call back, you know why. And if I do, be prepared to be abruptly hung up on if the little monsters make a peep.