Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I've come to the conclusion that weddings are a lot like fashion. Unless it's truly your style it will never work. Authenticity is key in, it seems, everything. Whether it's a wedding, a relationship, or the clothes you wear,, if it's authentic, it'll work. Casey's wedding reflected who she and Shaun are and there's nothing more sparkly than that.

Ps. A bit of whimsy always helps, of course, so we used those carnations I was spouting about,, how pretty are they? And since we couldn't have peonies on the table we made paper ones and hung them from the sky.


  1. Hi Larissa, This wedding is gorgeous. I would love to see more pics from the wedding to show Ryan's brother and fiance, they are getting married this May. Thanks! - Cori

  2. hey! i literally just saw this comment... send me your email address and i can send more pics. it was done on such a tiny budget and was really pretty. xoxox