Monday, June 1, 2009


Don't get me wrong. I love a good bargain and some of my greatest fashion finds were indeed found at Target, but dressing head-to-toe in discounted copies of high-end fashion will always look a little off, or knocked off as it were. Certain items are worth spending money on and certain items aren't. A client of mine asked if she needed to purchase a Birkin bag. The answer was NO. I have no idea why those bags start at $8,000 (if anyone can explain this, please email me as I'd love to know) and they've been counterfieted so much - and so well - that most people will assume you are carrying a fake. However; that same client asked me about buying a pair of Manolos to be paired with a jersey dress purchased at the aforementioned Target for $35.  In this case, the answer is YES, because otherwise, it's just too much cheap. 

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