Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Time to rethink how you accessorize. Yes rings are gorgeous and so is that fabulous statement necklace you bought last year,, but let's turn it up a notch. Hair pins and hair wraps made out of crystal can seriously turn up the volume on an otherwise ho hum outfit. This is not Paris Hilton, tiara, dance on a bar time,, it's Prince William's Kate Middleton, head to the symphony, act like a lady time. Ok, so you might not be going to the symphony every day but you can still wear them with your eyelet, cotton dress or your purple, grecian, one shouldered dress. Still thinking you can't pull it off? You can. It's all in your head.


  1. I hope to own one (or many) of these one day! GORGEOUS!

  2. Wendy,, I got the curved one and I am in love.