Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Warning. This is a project to do only if you are seriously bored. I was seriously bored, and so, had plenty of time to cut and paste and cut and paste. I bought this incredibly generic kids' table and chairs and wanted to make it unique. I wanted to have it fit in with OUR decor not the elementary school's homeroom. Since I love fashion, interiors, flowers and all things pink I went that route. But you could pick any theme, just keep the colors in the same palette. Many snip snips out of Vogue, Martha Stewart, Country Living and BAZAAR later,, and a few pics of my daughter, and I had the materials for a brand new table set. Just paste, let it dry and then coat with a polyurethane coating that you can get at any art supply store. 
No talent required.

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  1. No Talent, My Foot!! You have more talent in you baby finger than I'll ever have! You've got the KNACK, and that's what it takes Baby!